VetVet Pet Pals Spotlight: Elaine Pardi - Animals Connect Everyone

December 17, 2021

Pet Pals Spotlight

December 17, 2021

This month on the VetVet blog, we're excited to bring you an interview with Elaine Pardi from Animals Connect Everyone.

She’s part of a pro bono team brings together non-profits, for-profits, scientific researchers and those that appreciate pets and animal bonds to bring more social good into the world.

Believing that everyone can have a role, no matter how big or small, Animals Connect Everyone aims to share content and create awareness about the connection between animals and people.

What made you want to start Animals Connect Everyone?

We witnessed the positive outcomes that happened when animals and humans interact. These were powerful examples of how animals can unify us with unconditional love and bridge gaps in our world. We launched our mission to share positive messages that animals bring happiness and health into our lives. Along the way, we added plans to form educational pockets and inspiring stories to help people look at animals in different ways and add some social good into the world.

How did you meet your co-founder?

Jean and I have known each other for almost 17 years and have worked together on different fundraisers and projects.  We met in Rochester MN when our kids were little and also have a connection with both being originally from the New York area. 

Jean Caples has a background in Educator teaching for bind/ visually impaired & deaf/blind, therapy dog handler and Non-Profits experience. 

Elaine Pardi's background includes being a Nurse, PR Project Manager, Therapy Dog Handler and NonProfits experiences.

The happiest moment that you've had while building Animals Connect Everyone?

To date,  the happiest moment was when we launched our first awareness campaign.   The campaign focused on Reading with Animals  Book Drive.  We collected over 600 books in a week’s time frame for North Star Animals Therapy in Minneapolis Minnesota. Collected books were passed out this summer to kids that participated in the Reading with Animal Program. We saw national support from businesses and individuals reaching out to donate or help us support our messaging.

What do you want Animals Connect Everyone to accomplish over the next 5-10 years?

In the next 5 years we will continue to support social good in the world as it aligns with the human animal bond by inspiring, connecting and educating people.

  • Provide Blog Stories based on personal and/or professional to inspire
  • Partnering with businesses and corporations to strengthen our messages
  • Future alignment with organizations that identify the links between humans, animals, and the environment in order to attain optimal health and well-being outcomes
  • Share research that aligns with our campaign and Assist researchers as needed

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