VetVet Pet Pals Spotlight: Chris Roy from Doobert

December 16, 2021

Pet Pals Spotlight

December 16, 2021

This month we’re putting the Pet Pals Spotlight on Chris Roy. Chris (and his partner Daphne) are the founders of and have been involved in animal rescue for almost 2 decades. 

Their passion for animal welfare is evident through rescuing their own animals and supporting the professional rescue organizations and volunteers who make animal rescue their life’s purpose.

They live in the Midwest with their furry family which currently consists of two dogs: Bear and Maddox, and three cats: Holly, Noel and Mina. All of their 4-legged children were acquired via rescue over the last 17 years.

What is Doobert?

The name Doobert came from a cat that I rescued and an old soul that loved every being that he met whether human, feline or canine. 

Doobert the software platform is best described as a volunteer Uber and Airbnb for rescue animals. The software helps rescues and shelters across the country to request volunteer fosters and transport for animals that need loving homes.

What made you want to start Doobert?

Like many other things, Doobert started as a way to solve my own problem.  As an animal rescue transport pilot myself, I was getting calls from around the country for assistance.

I knew there needed to be software where I could indicate where I lived, how far I could fly, and what days I was available.  When I realized that it didn't exist, I created it.

Doobert is proud to be the only animal rescue software that supports ground and aviation-based transport, and many other tools that animal rescuers and volunteers need to be more effective.

Where do you see Doobert going from here?

Doobert has grown over the years to support multiple types of transport, fostering, and now even case management and we have so much more planned for 2022. My vision is a platform and marketplace that provides many ways for people to help animals and in turn, other people.  

Our motto is "helping you help animals" and we provide the tools needed to simplify the often complicated processes involved with animal rescue. Next year we hope to bring even more ways that people can help animals.

What can people do to support Doobert?

Doobert operates as a social enterprise meaning that any money earned or donated goes right back into supporting and building out the platform with more tools for rescuers. Certainly, we welcome donations in support of the platform if people are interested and able.

Another great way people can support Doobert is by hiring us to build or support their technology. From websites to mobile apps, SEO strategies to video editing, the team at Doobert has grown to support our mission and we offer our services to other companies to pay the bills at Doobert.  Any revenue earned from these external projects gets reinvested to Doobert.


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